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The Lodge

The Lodge is our large entertainment venue on the property. The Lodge comes equipped with every conceivable amenity designed to meet the needs of your event.

The Lodge features a full bar (pictured top left) fully equipped for all of your entertaining needs (except for the alcohol because Marshall County is a dry county). The bar is located immediately inside of the main entrance to the Lodge, and has barstools running the entire length to seat your guests.

The bar is open to the first of two large open areas (pictured top right) that can be set up for dining, dancing, or both. The first of these large open areas runs the full length of the Lodge from the front entrance all the way to the roaring fireplace, raised stage, and DJ booth along the back wall. 

Through the barn doors located at the far end of the Lodge is an additional dining area (pictured middle left). This dining area connects directly with the industrial kitchen (pictured middle right) complete with multiple stoves, coolers, prep tables, and restaurant style sinks and appliances. 

The industrial kitchen has easy access to the outdoor bar and dining area that is also accessible to the front porch of the Lodge. The outdoor bar (pictured bottom left), as does the rest of the Lodge, has multiple large TVs so you and your guests won't miss a minute of the action on college football Saturdays. 

The outdoor bar is directly adjacent to the first of two large outdoor fireplaces (pictured bottom right) that are perfect for those chilly fall evenings. 

The Lodge has four bathrooms to accommodate guests, and has the capacity to sleep up to XXX people with a number of beds in the upstairs portion of the Lodge. Finally, the Lodge has the properties communal washer and dryer facilities

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